Functional and Flexible Drill Rig Mast

  • Excavator and drilling mast together produce more than a traditional drill rig and produce faster.

  • The wide movement capability and 360° turn expands the working area without the need for transportation with crawler.

  • Remote control makes it easy to operate the machine with full control.

  • Modular - quick coupling between the mast and excavator as well as the feed cradle.

  • Universal parts makes is easier to source spare parts on the market.

DM85 Drill Rig Mast

Tech Specs
Recommended Excavator: 18-36 ton
Hole Range: < 12"
Mast Length: 29 feet
Stroke:  22 feet
Feed Force: 18,000 lbs
Weight: 9,920 lbs
Recommended Hydraulic Flow: 245 L/min

DM85 Drill Rig Mast Brochure

DM85 Drill Rig Mast Brochure