The HD110 is a light-wight yet sturdy drill rig. The swing boom enables it to move into different drilling positions easily and quickly, even in confined job sites. With the heavy-duty high pull-down drill mast and the 114HP engine, the drill rig can be mounted with high-torque rotator & drifter, suitalbe for different drilling systems and different drilling environments.

HD 110 Tech Specs
Engine Power: 114 hp
Width of Crawler: 7.3 ft
Stroke of Rotary Head: 13.45 ft
Extraction Force: 11,243 lbs/ft
Crowd Force: 5,952 lbs/ft
Clamps Diameter: 10.75 in
Rotary Head Torque: 7,865 lbs/ft
Max Rotary Head Speed: 65 rpm

HD110 Hydraulic Crawler Drill Brochure

HD110 Hydraulic Crawler Drill Brochure

Micropiles, also know as minipiles, pin piles, needle piles, or root piles, are small diameter drilled piles. They offer a viable alternative to conventional piling techniques, particularly in the following conditions:

  • restricted access

  • low headroom

  • challenging subsurface conditions

  • environments sensitive to noise or vibration

Micropiles originated in Italy after the second World War to repair damaged structures, and the U.S. construction industry widely accepted them in the late 1980's. Micropiles are a unique foundation element because of the ability to install them in very limited access conditions and through a wide range of subsurface conditions.


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