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GEAX drilling machines are distinguished by their compact size ideal for working in tight spaces and easily transported without special permits. 

Tecniwell designs and manufactures special equipment for soil stabilization and is internationally recognized as a leading company in jet-grouting technology.

GeoMisure offers a whole line of state-of-the-art monitoring devices for a wide range of capacities including jet grouting, low pressure grout injection, soil mixing, and more. 

Beretta a leading company in the small- and medium-sized drilling industry.

Scandinavian Pile Driving manufactures a variety drilling rig masts for foundation drilling, tie-rod drilling and top hammer drilling.

YBM's versatile line of grouting equipment for general construction. YBM manufactures both jet grouting equipment and plunger grout pumps.

NUMA designs and builds down hole hammers and bits for drilling vertical and horizontal holes providing an unmatched combination of fast penetration rates and long hammer life.

Driconeq manufactures drilling pipe and accessories, wear parts and tooling for the mining, quarrying, ground engineering and water well industries.

WORD International, Inc., in conjunction with Hennessy International, offers a variety of custom mast-attachment options suitable for a wide range of excavators.

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