Hennessy International, Inc. distributes drilling equipment, tooling, and supplies, with focus on foundation, tieback, earth retention, caisson, geothermal, directional drilling, jet grouting contractors and customers. Hennessy delivers a highly-specialized yet complete selection of drill rigs and drifters, drilling equipment, air compressors, down hole hammers and drill bits, under-reaming systems, tooling and drilling accessories for all makes of drill rigs, new and used equipment, tower cranes, etc. Our manufacturers only use the strongest, laboratory-tested materials and methods to produce the highest quality drilling equipment and tooling, with intense focus on durability and ultimate performance for your drilling operations.

HEnnessy's offices

We are strategically located in the Central Coast area of California (between San Francisco and Los Angeles), with a service center in Bakersfield, which permits responsive exposure and logistical expertise to deliver to your next project, whether close by or around the other side of the globe. Hennessy chooses to maintain a small yet effective corporate presence that provides our customers with personal and knowledgeable service, both before and after the sale.


Over 25 years of drilling and mining experience combined with service-oriented staff, competitive pricing and total dedication to customer satisfaction, the Hennessy team strives for the opportunity to deliver only the highest quality drilling equipment and supplies to your drilling operations.

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