Hennessy provides a complete section of down-the-hole hammers, drag bits, tricone bits, button bits, lost crown ring bits, etc. NUMA, Blue Demon, Driconeq, CGR, and GeoMisure are just a sample of the manufacturers available from Hennessy for your drilling operations. No matter the project size, whatever the drilling conditions, Hennessy is committed to delivering the drilling products you require at the prices you expect.

Driconeq manufactures drilling pipe and accessories, wear parts and tooling for the mining, quarrying, ground engineering and water well industries. Extensive experience in the manufacture and use of all Driconeq products, combined with advanced machinery and continuous quality control ensures drilling pipe and tooling that meet the highest standards in the industry.  Custom manufacturing is available, even for products and wear parts for  major brand name hammers and DTH products, all at highly competitive pricing structures.

All components are manufactured in-house to ensure prompt service and quick delivery. We stock a comprehensive range of standard products and possess the knowledge and resources to manufacture virtually any kind of specialist equipment required for your drilling projects. Tried and tested by drillers the world over, Driconeq has a proven reputation of quality and strength. For more information, please visit www.driconeq.com.




NUMA is a major manufacturer of down hole hammers and bits for the international drilling industry. NUMA designs and builds down hole hammers and bits for drilling vertical and horizontal holes 3-1/2" to 48" (89-1,219 mm) diameter. NUMA is proud of its worldwide reputation for providing an unmatched combination of fast penetration rates and long hammer life. NUMA, a leading designer and manufacturer of down hole hammers and bits, delivers its rock solid commitment to drillers.

For additional information on the NUMA product line, project profiles and technical information, please visit numahammers.com or contact Hennessy International, proudly distributing NUMA products to the drilling industry for more than seventeen years.



GeoMisure offers a whole line of state-of-the-art monitoring devices for a wide range of capacities including jet grouting, low pressure grout injection, soil mixing, and more. Hennessy and GeoMisure will proudly assist in helping set up the right device on your desired rig in order to get the right data and information for the job at hand.

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