The GEAX DTC50 is a drilling rig for foundation piles and water wells. It is an innovative machined designed to improve the concept of standard drilling rig. Its compact mast and its perfect balancing permit to reach a very high maneuverability in working sites ensuring fast and safe on site movements.


Tech Specs
Minimum Working Height: 20.3'
Max Depth: 64 ft
Max Diameter: 4 ft
Engine Power: 93 hp
Width of Crawler: 8.2 ft
Main Winch Line Pull: 17,985 lbs
Aux Winch Line Pull: 5,620 lbs
Rotary Head Torque: 34,028 lft-lbs
Max Drilling Speed: 12-50 rpm
Weight (w/o tool): 31,700 lbs

GEAX DTC50 Hydraulic Drilling Rig Brochure

GEAX DTC50 Hydraulic Drilling Rig Brochure


Drilled shafts, also known as drilled piers, caissons, bored piles, or cast-in-drilled hole piles (CIDH), are high-capacity deep foundation systems. A drilled shaft is constructed by drilling a cylindrical borehole to design diameter and depth, lowering reinforcing steel (rebar) into the drilled shaft, and then filing the shaft concrete. The finished foundation element resists compression, tension, and lateral loads.

Access conditions required for drilled shaft construction are a variable as the diameters and depths to which they can be drilled. Drilled shafts can be constructed in low headroom and limited access and provide effective support for most structures, including buildings, tanks, towers, and bridges.